Analog Way MMSCBx2 Manager Stage+2 Cross Blender

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Analog Way MMSCBx2 Manager Stage+2 Cross Blender
The Analog Way MMSCBX2 Manager Stage with Two Cross Blender Edgers is specific software able to control and manage an unlimited number of iX series switchers and Octo series switchers. This software is controlled from a PC workstation and is very intuitive requiring no particular technical skills. The Cross Blender Software allows edge blending of two projector displays.

Key Features

Compatibility Compatible with the Di-VentiX, EventiX, CentriX, NatiX, Graphic Switcher II and the Octo Range of switchers.

Application This software was designed to control the automation of an unlimited number of switchers; it utilizes all the abilities of the switchers including specific transitions and fades. This can be a broadcast, duplication or direct response application for presentation, transmission or specific customization of duplication.

Cross Blender Cross Blender enables, in real time, to cut, blend and position the video or computer images on overlapping regions, with no additional hardware.

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