Ampeg SVT-DI Ampeg Signal Processing and Effects

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Ampeg SVT-DI Ampeg Signal Processing and Effects
The SVTDI Vacuum Tube Direct Injection device is the perfect way to warm up, or add a little personality to sterile-sounding instruments or signals. It’s easy to operate and is well suited for live performances or for use in the recording studio.

Both acoustic and electric instruments can benefit from use of the SVTDI. It can take an unbalanced line level signal (bass, guitar, keyboard, etc.) and convert it into a balanced signal, which can then be sent via snake to front-of-house or recording mixing consoles, without any degradation of the signal. The SVTDI offers direct or tube-buffered 1/4” and XLR outputs, and has a switchable 6dB input pad to handle “hot” signals.

12AU7 tube Thru Jack Classic Ampeg tube tone and coloration Signal to Noise Ratio is >90dB (-6dB) input pad in Tube Mode Prevents distortion due to "hot" instruments or devices DI Box for front of house or recording console Can be used with solid-state amplifiers

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