Alvarez MD350C Masterworks Series Cutaway Dreadnought Guitar

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Alvarez MD350C Masterworks Series Cutaway Dreadnought Guitar
You'll know when you hear an Alvarez MD350C acoustic Guitar. You'll know when you feel it. The Alvarez Masterworks guitar is the product of our creative spirit and relentless pursuit of perfection. Explore the dominating bass response of Indian rosewood, the mesmerizing presence of Ovangkol or the succulent trebles of mahogany. Experience the incredibly percussive voice of the dreadnought, or the cleverly balanced tone of the folk acoustic. Hold the slender neck as your fingers slip past the polished frets. Alvarez Masterworks guitars aren't just built to be played, the are designed to inspire performance. The new cutaway dreadnought MD350C Acoustic Electric comes fully equipped with the award-winning Alvarez System 600T Mk II electronics system. Designed to perfectly reproduce the natural sound of the acoustic guitar, the 600T Mk II uses an advanced piezo bridge pickup system. Its highly flexible mixing system uses an optional condenser microphone or magnetic sound-hole pickup. A sophisticated notch filter offers superior control of feedback without altering the basic components of the acoustic tone. Internal trim pots adjust the gain of the treble and bass sliders, allowing players to "fine-tune" the Alvarez System 600T Mk II to taste

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