Alto Terminator Feedback Eliminators

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The Alto TERMINATOR is a real feedback killer! With its complex algorithm, the TERMINATOR locates frequencies with feedback, and sets extremely narrow filtering (as low as 1/70-octave), killing the feedback and leaving the original signal unaltered.

The TERMINATOR allows you to choose between two methods of feedback suppression. In the "Terminator" mode, the filters can be set by the user, or can be set automatically by the processor. You can "ask" the TERMINATOR to "leave" the filters active at their respective frequencies until manually reset (one shot), or to remove them once the feedback ceases, leaving the filters available for a new interval (Auto).

The handy "one-shot" function is best used for equalizing PA systems. In stationary microphone situations, the "auto" functioning is useful for "in motion" circumstances.

In the "search" mode, the user can decide which channel to look for the feedback, speeding up the "killing" procedure when the device is used as a single channel unit. In both modes, the TERMINATOR continually monitors the input on the channel, and when located, the powerful notch filters will act on the feedback.

An easy to use Windows editor allows you to control all the parameters of the algorithm in real time.

Digital 2-channel Feedback Suppresser with a 24 X 32-bit high-speed signal processor

High-quality BurrBrown 18-bit A/D and D/A converters for pure, clean audio quality

Open architecture for easy software updates

Windows editor for powerful, easy to use PC-based MIDI remote control

Linkable in "cascade" mode with other units 64 factory presets and 64 user presets available

Automatically searches and suppresses feedback frequencies

Single-Shot, Auto and Manual mode selectable for each filter

2 X 20 backlit LCD a-numberic display for clear, easy readability

Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors

Manufactured under ISO9000 certified management system

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