Alto S16 Passive Desk Mixers

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Alto S16 Passive Desk Mixers
The Alto S-Series offers a range of high quality, highly portable mixers with 6-channel to 16-channel models available. These professional mixers are packed with essential features including balanced inputs and main outputs, 2-Track I/O, control room and headphone outputs, MUTE/ALT3/4, SOLO-in-place and Pre-fader-listen functions.

The S-Series’ high headroom design offers balanced inputs for clean, hum-free performance with extremely low noise preamps on the inputs. 48 Volt Phantom Power, gold tipped XLR connections and channel inserts are included on every microphone channel. A warm, natural and musical sounding 3-band EQ, and PRE and POST fader AUX routing for external effects and monitoring makes the S-Series ideal for project studio and live sound applications.

S16 Features Balanced inputs for clean, hum-free performance Extremely low noise preamps +48 Volt Phantom Power High headroom for wide dynamic range Warm, natural and musical 3-band EQ on all channels 2-Track inputs assignable to main mix, control room & headphone outputs Sealed potentiometers Built-in power transformer Inserts on mic channels 16-channel 2+2-bus mixing console 8 mic input channels with gold-plated XLRs and phone connectors 2 stereo AUX returns for additional functionality 4 stereo input channels with balanced TRS jacks Precision 13 segment bargraph meters Independent main mix, control room and headphone outputs Each channel has MUTE/ALT3-4, SOLO-in-place and Pre-fader-listen functions 19-inch rack-mount kit Balanced inputs and main outputs Peak LEDs and switchable low-cut filter on each channel PRE and POST fader AUX routing for external effects and monitoring

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