Alto L16 Passive Desk Mixers

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Alto L16 Passive Desk Mixers
The Alto L-Series has been designed to offer maximum versatility and professional features in compact and easy to use desk mixers. Perfect for stage, home studio or rehearsal space, the L-series mixers deliver on-board 24-bit digital effects processing, a 9-band stereo graphic EQs on the output section and 3-band EQs on every input channel. A two track send and return with dedicated control room outputs allow the L-Series to be used for simple recording setups or for effective recording of any live performance quickly and easily.

L16 Features 16-channels, 4 fully assignable sub groups Built-in 24-bit digital effects processor providing the following high quality simulations and effects, with variations: Warm Hall Reverb Bright Hall Reverb Warm Room Reverb Bright Room Reverb Warm Vocal Reverb Bright Vocal Reverb Plate Reverb Stereo Delay Mono Delay Chorus Flanger Vibrato Reverb + Delay Reverb + Chorus Reverb + Flanger Reverb + Vibrato 3 band EQ with sweepable mid band or hi-mid/low-mid controls on input channels 9 band stereo graphic equalizer on main outputs (with bypass switch) Switchable low-cut filters (channels 1-12) Precision 12 segment bargraph main output meters and Peak LEDs on input channels Independent main mix, control room and headphone outputs 2-track recording IN/OUT (phono) Standard bayonet 12V lamp mount

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