Alto Ghibli16FX Passive Desk Mixers

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Alto Ghibli16FX Passive Desk Mixers
The first and only compact mixing console with integrated dynamics processing on the dedicated MIC channels. Designed for ease of use, the 3-way switches offer a simple setup of the compressor and De-esser modes, offering effective volume leveling, balance and an effective way to get rid of nasty sibilants and percussive ‘pops’ in your mix.

GHIBLI16FX* Features Built-in digital effect processor Balanced ultra-low noise Microphone inputs with "High End Preamp" Insert function for all mono channels TubeE Sound Compressor on the Mic 1-4 channels + De-Esser function Mono channels with 3 bands EQ + Mid Frequency sweep Mute and clip function on all mono channels Extremely high headroom offering more dynamic range Surround processor with center and surround out + Stereo Bass Enhancer 2 AUX Control per mono channel for internal/external effects and monitoring High-quality, low tolerance components for highest results Rugged construction ensures long life and durability Suitable for Live, Studio and Home applications

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