Alto Flexplus Analog Dynamics Processors

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Alto Flexplus Analog Dynamics Processors
The Alto Flexplus multi-band stereo processor integrates several types of signal processing into one overall sound enhancement solution. Its variable Enhancer/Exciter function, combined with separate Bass Processor and Surround effect processor, can create a spectacular and dynamic live mix, or add incredible depth to any playback system. Servo-balanced inputs and outputs and the Flexplusís Auto Noise Reduction System help reduce the PA systemís background noise and hum. The Flexplus integrated Bass Processor improves low-frequency definition and power while dramatic stereo enhancement is made possible by the Surround Processor function.

FLEX PLUS Features Servo-balanced inputs and outputs Auto noise reduction system Bass Processor for improved low-frequency definition and power Dramatic stereo enhancement is possible by using the Surround Processor Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS connectors for inputs and outputs Relay-controlled hard bypass switch with auto bypass function in case of power failures Sophisticated multi-band processing allows for creative overall improvements that would be complex and time-consuming to achieve using separate processors LED signal level metering

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