Alto Elvis12A Elvis Series Active Speaker Cabinets

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Alto Elvis12A Elvis Series Active Speaker Cabinets
ELVIS 12A* Overview

Elvis Active Loudspeaker and Subwoofers use the same rugged and cabinet construction as the passive series, and offer all of the same great features in convenient powered versions. Perfect for most front-of-house applications, the powered Elvis cabinets amplifier modules offer balanced XLR / 1/4-inch TRS Combi-jack microphone and line level inputs, three band EQs and XLR balanced line thru-puts for configuring multi-cabinet setups. Elvis active subwoofers offer integrated stereo summing inputs with XLR balanced thru-puts for configuring stereo full-range top-cabinets with a mono subwoofer.

ELVIS 12A* Features Power output (Class H): 250W IHF Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 0.02% at 1kHz Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz (with subsonic filter) Signal to noise ratio (weighted): 92dB Equalizer: High (+/-12dB@10kHz, shelving); Mid (+/-6dB@2kHz, peaking); Low (+/-12dB@80Hz, shelving). Controls and Display: Mic gain; Master Volume; Low/Mid/High EQ; Shield (ground) Selector; Signal/Com LED; Power On LED. Protection: Soft Start; DC Voltage Protection; Anti-cupping; Subsonic Filter. Drive Units: 12-inch woofer. Custom Spherical Horn in Reinforced Polypropylene Enclosure: Trapezoidal Cabinet in 18mm Particle Board Cabinet Finish: resistant carpet Inputs: Mic (+10dB - -45dB range on XLR); Line (+4dB on XLR/JACK); Mix (+4dB on XLR) Power Supply: AC 115V or AC 230V Dimensions: 635x405x340mm (25x16x13.4 inches)

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