Alto DPA4000 DPA Series Power Amplifiers

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Alto DPA4000 DPA Series Power Amplifiers
Alto is proud to introduce an advanced line of power amplifiers incorporating digital signal enhancement with 40-bit internal processing. Using state-of-the-art digital processing techniques, these models provide on-board equalization (Full Parametric, Hi and Lo Shelving and Notch Filter), HP & LP Crossover filters, multi-band Compression, Limiters, Noise Gates, Phase Adjustment, Delay for digital time alignment and user-definable memory presets.

DPA 4000 Features Stereo digital 5-band parametric equalizer 2-way digital crossover Adjustable low/high-band digital limiter Variable digital "time alignment" delay line with steps of 21 microseconds (0.021ms) Digital variable high pass filters for improved performance EQ digital notch filters at 50/60Hz to remove mains hum Designed for professional output of stage stereo at four levels of power, with excellent performance Output power can be adjusted at the user's demand Combines impressive sound quality, low noise and sophisticated protection circuitry Input matching allows collocation with any preamplifier Excellent frequency reproduction and sound quality Protection circuits to safegaurd the machine from improper tampering The input is XLR-balanced and uses 1/4-inch (6.3mm) sockets for more versatile and easier matching High-speed fan with low noise ensures efficient release of heat. When the temperature rises, the fan automatically switches to high-speed. It rotates at normal speed at other times to reduce power consumption. While on, the Clip Limit function specific to this machine ensures a fixed output limit when the output exceeds the amplifier's maximum, to protect its circuits. While off, there is no such limit. This machine has an indicator for the output balance, as well as status indicator of SIG and CLIP. When there is any signal, the SIG light is on. When there is overload, the CLIP light is on. If anything abnormal happens to the circuits, the CLIP light will be on, with no action from the circuits. This helps the user to determine which status it is in. The use of white aluminium panels with acrylic presents an artistic and pleasing, contemporary look The machine is solid and durable and can be rack-mounted

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