Alto DI4 Direct Boxes

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Alto DI4 Direct Boxes
The Alto DI4 professional multi-function 4-channel DI box is perfect for live and studio applications requiring a quality DI. Itís ultra-flat frequency response (via a renowned balanced output transformer) and convenient rack-mountable design make it a must-have for both live sound reinforcement and studio recording applications.

DI4 Features Professional multi-purpose 4-channel DI box for stage and studio applications Ultra-flat frequency response due to the renowned transformers Allows direct connection to speaker outputs - over 3000 Watts Ultra-low noise audio operational amplifiers for outstanding sound performance Prevents hum and noise due to special transformer decoupling Converts unbalanced line inputs to balanced outputs +20dB gain switch for preamplification of low level signals Phase Reverse switch allows for instant correction of phase problems Switchable High Cut filter (8kHz) Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems Accurate eight-segment LED level meter simplifies level settings for optimum performance Gold-plated XLR connectors and 1/4" TRS connections for input and link output Switchable attenuation allows for maximum input of +50 dBu Illuminated switches for operation in dark stages and low-light situations High-quality components

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