Alto Altopatch 24 Pair 1/4" Patch Bay Unbalanced Only

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Alto Altopatch 24 Pair 1/4" Patch Bay Unbalanced Only
Essential for marshalling the inputs and outputs with minimal signal quality degredation, the humble patchbay is one of the least sexy and yet most important pieces of kit in many studios. The ALTO PATCH provides a high-quality 2x24 patchbay in a compact 1U rack.

ALTOPATCH Features 24 sets of 1/4" TRS jack sockets offering a reliable, low-loss solution for interconnecting equipment in the studio or out on the road Compact 1U rack-mount Four connection modes: Parallel, Half-Normalled, Normalled and De-Normalled Signal flow-chart on the upper side of the case Connection mode can be set independently for each jack pair High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction

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