Alto AlphaVerb Digital Effects Processors

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Alto AlphaVerb Digital Effects Processors
The Alphaverb features 256 studio quality stereo effects in a compact, affordable package. The Alphaverb's effects include reverbs, chorusing, flanging, delays and combinations of the above. This processor is the ideal companion for small PA systems, home studios, or broadcast facilities.

Optional Accessories: RKB-1 - Rack ears for single 1/2 rack processor RKB-2 - Rack ears for two 1/2 rack processor (will not work for single units)

ALPHAVERB Features 16 superior-sounding effects programs with 16 variations for each Convenient and easy to use preset design Exceptionally affordable 1/2 rackspace package 18-bit digital converters Hall, rooms, plates, vocal, multieffects and more Variations adjust knob Input for optional Bypass footswitch Stereo inputs and outputs 20Hz~20KHz frequency respons

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