Alto ACL2 Analog Dynamics Processors

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Alto ACL2 Analog Dynamics Processors
New ACL2 professional compressor/limiter/expander features two channels of compression, expansion and gating, as well as enhancement circuitry on each channel for truly stellar audio performance.

ACL2 Features 1U 2-channel compressor/expander with gate function Peak limiter to protect from clipping Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz T.H.D: Less than 0.05% S/N ratio: More than 94dB Inputs/outputs/key in & key out via jack connector Threshold: +40dBu to -20dBu Compression ratio: 1:1 -: 1 Attack time: 0.1-200 msec Release time: 50 msec - 4 seconds Gate (Downward expander) / Peak Limiter Gate threshold: OFF -10dBu Peak limiter threshold: 10dB above to compressor threshold leve

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