Altinex VGA Sniffer VGA Signal Tester

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Altinex VGA Sniffer VGA Signal Tester
VGA Sniffer

Displays Red, Green, Blue, and Sync levels Lifetime warranty Auto shut-off saves battery life Includes 2 AA batteries 30-day money back guarantee

The VGA Sniffer allows installers to easily troubleshoot VGA cabling, switching, and distribution equipment. The ALTINEX VGA Sniffer monitors Red, Green, Blue, and Sync signals and provides clear displays of signal status.

Easy to use, the VGA Sniffer displays the status of the various signals. How many times have installers been frustrated by not seeing a picture displayed just to find out the computer was not outputting a signal, or that the screensaver had kicked in? The VGA Sniffer eliminates guesswork during setup and installation of AV systems as it connects in seconds to each device or cable in the run to detect problems. Swapping equipment and cables is a thing of the past with the VGA Sniffer.

Individual Red, Green, and Blue signal detectors display if the signal is present by turning the applicable LED green. If the signal is absent, the LED indicates red. Horizontal and Vertical Sync signal voltage is also measured independently and the quality of those signals is displayed on a graduated 3-level scale. Level 1 indicates a very weak Sync signal while Level 3 indicates a strong Sync signal.

The VGA Sniffer has an auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life and can't be accidentally turned on in your tool box. It operates on 2 AA batteries which will last over 2 years under normal use.

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