Altinex VA6831FC Dual Input/Switchable Analog Interface

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Altinex VA6831FC Dual Input/Switchable Analog Interface

Dual/Input Switchable Analog Interface

Two switchable computer video inputs 15-pin HD inputs with VGA compatible pin-outs VGA through UXGA, MAC-, SUN-, and SGI-compatible Buffered output offers RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB Switching by front panel, auto-switching, or contact closure Rack-mountable with optional hardware Internal power supply (90 to 140/200 to 240V) Includes one (1) power cord

The VA6831FC is a dual input/switchable interface designed to connect two computer video sources to a single scan-rate compatible monitor or projector; compatibility is VGA through UXGA, MAC, SUN, and SGI. This unit provides two inputs on 15-pin HD connectors compatible with standard VGA cables and a buffered local monitor on a 15-pin HD connector. The local monitor outputs also pass through ID bits, possibly necessary for proper boot-up resolution.

The main output provides RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB signal selectable by a DIP switch setting. If the input signal format is RGBS, or RGBHV, the main output may be RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB; if the input signal is RGsB, the output must be the same. The VA6831FC allows for the ability to connect and switch audio sources for each computer.

There are three switching options: manual switching using a three-position switch on the front panel, auto-switching on the active signal, or via contact closure with connection being made on a terminal block. A horizontal positioning control is available on the front panel for each source, and an ID bit DIP switch for laptop use. Individual horizontal positioning disable switches are also available.

The VA 6831FC is 1 U high and rack wide. Input and local monitor cables must be ordered separately. See Interface Cables and Interface Accessories for more information.


General Electrical

Inputs (Video) Input Video Signal

(2) Female 15-pin HD, VGA compatible pin-outs Analog: 0.3 to 1.2 Vp-p

Inputs (Audio) Fall/Rise Time: 0.9 ns

(2) 5 Conductor Terminal Blocks Impedance: 75 ohms

Outputs (Video) Input Sync Signal

(2) Local Monitor: Female 15-pin HD buffered with ID pins pass-through, VGA compatible pin-outs Comp., Horiz., Vert.: TTL (+/-)

Main: 6-BNC RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB Sync on Green: -0.3 V

Outputs (Audio) Impedance: 10k ohms

3 Conductor Terminal Block Output Video Signal

Compatibility Analog: 0.77 Vp-p

VGA thru UXGA, MAC, SUN, SGI, and other computers with an analog output format. Appropriate cables are required for each computer type. Fall/Rise Time: 1.2 ns

Impedance: 75 ohms

Output Sync Signal

Comp., Horiz., Vert.: TTL (+/-)

Sync on Green: -0.3 V

Impedance: 22 ohms

Frequency Compatibility

Horizontal: 15 to 130 kHz

Vertical: 25 to 180 Hz

Bandwidth: 350 MHz

Horizontal position range: 20%

Cross-talk: 39dB @ 100MHz

Audio Input Signal

Type: Differential

CMRR: >80dB @ 10Hz to 20kHz

Impedance: 10k ohms

Voltage: 10V p-p, +/-5volts

Audio Output Signal

Type: Single Ended

Impedance: <22 ohms (drives 600 ohms)

Crosstalk: <80dB @ 1kHz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >95dB

Bandwidth: 10Hz to 40kHz

Stereo Channel Separation: >75dB@1kHz, >60dB@20kHz

Power Consumption: 90 to 140/200 to 240V, 12 watts Max.

Mechanical Optional Accessories

Width: 8.50 in; 216 mm DA1294FC: Rack ears for single unit

Height: 1.75 in; 44 mm DA1293FC: Rack shelf for two units side-by-side

Depth: 4.93 in; 125 mm

Weight: 2.0 lb; 0.91 kg

Ship Weight: 2.8 lb; 1.27 kg

Material: 0.1" Al

Finish: Gray

Front/Rear panels: Lexan

T Operating: 10C to 35C

T Maximum: 50C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs

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