Altinex VA6803SX Compact Analog Interface w/RGB EQ+Audio

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Altinex VA6803SX Compact Analog Interface w/RGB EQ+Audio

Compact Analog Interface w/RGB EQ + Audio

RGB video equalization/boost for long cable runs Active audio balancing/buffering Accepts VGA through QXGA, SUN, and SGI Plug-and-Play compatible Horizontal position control Low profile metal enclosure Includes one (1) power adapter The VA6803SX is a compact computer video interface designed to connect a computer video source to a compatible monitor or projector. It is compatible with VGA through QXGA, MAC, SUN, SGI, and other analog computer video sources.

Continuous, single-dial RGB equalization control simultaneously boosts Red, Green, and Blue video components to compensate for losses over long runs; with super high-resolution coaxial cable, equalization can reach lengths of 200ft.

This interface offers a 15-pin HD input and an independently buffered 15-pin HD local monitor output. The default main output is RGBHV on 5 BNC connectors. Alternatively, the VA6803SX can be set to output RGBS or RGsB format signals by changing internal jumper settings. The VA6803SX does not strip sync from Green; if the incoming signal is RGsB, the output must also be RGsB.

The VA6803SX converts unbalanced stereo audio input to fully balanced/buffered output, offering 3.5mm stereo mini jacks for the input and local outputs, and a 5-pin terminal block type connector main output.

The CB9100AV line of interface cables includes 3.5mm stereo audio jacks and 15-pin male connectors on both ends offering high-quality, convenient connections between the VA6803SX input and audio and video computer output. Interface cables must be ordered separately. Streamlined, this enclosure is ideal for mounting under a table/ onto other surfaces using optional brackets (MB1001) noted below.

*Note: If used with ALTINEX tabletop solutions, see the VA6804SX, which offers a remote H-position control and signal present LED.


General Electrical

Input Input Video Signal

Computer Video: Female 15-pin HD, Plug and Play compatible Analog: 1.5V Max

Audio: Female stereo mini (3.5mm) Impedance: 75 ohms +/- 1% (Terminated)

Output Input Sync Signal

Local (Computer Video): Fem. 15-pin HD Comp., Horiz., Vert.: TTL (+/-)

Local (Audio): Fem. Stereo Mini (3.5mm) Sync on Green: -0.3 V

Main (Computer Video): 5 BNC RGBHV, RGBS, or RGsB Impedance: 10k ohms

Main (Audio): 5-pin removable terminal block Output Video Signal

Compatibility Analog: 1.5V p-p Max (Terminated)

VGA thru QXGA, MAC, SUN, SGI and other computers with an analog video output format. Appropriate cables are required for each computer type. Cables available optionally. Impedance: 75 ohms

High Frequency Gain: Adjustable up to 10dB@150MHz.

Output Sync Signal

Comp., Horiz., Vert.: TTL (+/-) 4V p-p

Sync on Green: -0.3 V

Impedance: 22 ohms

Frequency Compatibility

Horizontal: 15 to 130 kHz

Vertical: 25 to 180 Hz

Bandwidth: 400 MHz @ -3dB

Audio Input

Impedance: 10k ohms

Max Level: 0 dBu

Audio Throughput

Gain: +6 dB balanced, 0 dB unbalanced

Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 0.05dB)

Noise Floor: -98 dB @ 20 kHz

CMRR: <49 dB, 10 Hz to 20 kHz

Audio Output

Impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced, 100 ohms balanced

Drive: >6 dBu

Power: 9V DC-500mA Supply (included)

Mechanical Optional Accessories

Width: 4.29 in; 109 mm CB9100AV: VGA + Audio cables

Height: 5.28 in; 134 mm MB1001: "L" Shaped Mini-Brackets

Depth: 0.98 in; 25 mm

Weight: 1.0 lb; 0.45 kg

Ship Weight: 1.6 lb; 0.73 kg

Material: 0.1" Al

Finish: ALTINEX Grey

Top Panel: Lexan Overlay

T Operating: 10 to 40C

T Storage: 0 to 70C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs

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