Altinex SC206-204 Passive Unbalanced To Balanced Audio Adapter

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Altinex SC206-204 Passive Unbalanced To Balanced Audio Adapter

Passive Unbalanced to Balanced Audio Adapter

Compact Easy to use Requires no external power Improves signal quality Reduces noise Bi-directional For commercial use

The SC206-204 is an audio adapter that converts unbalanced audio signals to balanced audio. The converted signals provide better sound quality and greatly reduce noise over long transmission lengths. This is a passive device that may also be used to convert balanced signals to unbalanced signals as well.

The SC206-204 is designed to convert standard computer audio output to balanced audio. It has an excellent bandwidth and is ideal for most commercial-user applications. Since the SC206-204 is a passive device, there is no need for an external power source. Simply make the audio connections and it is ready to go.

The SC206-205 is also a passive device and is designed to convert unbalanced audio output from computers, DVD players, VCRs, etc. to balanced audio. The SC206-205 possesses superior bandwidth and is perfect for home theaters as well as marketing and sales presentations.


General Electrical


Input Signals

3.5mm female (1)

Resistance: 600 ohm


Max Level: 3 dBu

5-pin female terminal block (1)

Output Signals


Gain*: 0 dB +/- 0.3 dB

SC206-201 or SC206-203

Resistance: 600 ohm

Response: 200 Hz-15 kHz

Max Power: 100 mW

* The gain is as measured at the output of a high impedance differential receiver.


Material: FP-301 tubing

Color: Clear

Height: 0.75 in (19.1 mm)

Width: 1.25 in (31.8 mm)

Depth: 2.50 in (63.5 mm)

Weight: 0.15 lb (0.07 kg)

T Operating: 10C to 40C

T Maximum: 0C to 50C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calculations): 40,000 hrs

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