Altinex SC120-108 12W Wall Mount Speaker

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Altinex SC120-108 12W Wall Mount Speaker

12W Wall-mount Speaker

Provides high quality sound level Frequency Response ranges 150 Hz -18,000 Hz Easy dry wall installation Distributes clean, enriched audio White color to blend well Power selection tabs for precise power control 70V audio level

The SC120-108 12W Wall-mount Speaker from ALTINEX comes in a contemporary design for use in office areas for applications such as background music, public announcements or paging. The SC120-108 wall mount speaker provides great sound in an elegant design and blends well into any décor. This speaker allows power adjustments to match your individual system requirements for sound level.


Mechanical Electrical

Dimensions: 13.8” (345mm) x 8.4” (210mm) x 3.6” (90mm) Frequency Response: 150 Hz – 18 kHz

Material Housing: PA765 High impact ABS Power Rating: 12W

Grille: Metal Impedance: 80 Ohms, 408 Ohms, 544 Ohms, 816 Ohms, 1633 Ohms

Weight: 4.30lb. (1.95kg) Power Taps @70V: 3W, 6W, 9W and 12W

Sensitivity: 92dB SPL, 1W, 1m

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