Altinex PNP515 Pop 'N Plug Tower w/Custom Tabletop Surface

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Altinex PNP515 Pop 'N Plug Tower w/Custom Tabletop Surface

Pop N Plug Tower with Custom Tabletop Surface

Small in size; large in connectivity Fits nearly any tabletop Holds 2 full-size connector plates Standard or Custom U.S, and International Plates Smooth new look all around Simple, slide-in installation Opens/closes by pressing on top Gas spring lift mechanism PDF Cutout DXF Cutout User Guide

The innovative, powerful PNP515 Tower with Custom Tabletop Surface is designed to work with most tabletops with a thickness of up to 2. The top of the unit is your own rectangular table cutout, so that in the up position you have unequalled AV connectivity, and in the down position you have an elegant and perfect match to your own table.. The PNP515 will lift cutouts weighing up to 1.9 lbs (862g)!

New sectional plates have been designed, which are smaller in size but handle more connectivity than others on the market. Standard off-the-shelf plates are available, or you can configure your own, and plates are available in both U.S, and International power designs.

The US Standard Plate DS901-130 includes four AC power outlets, two 15-pin HD (video), two RJ-45 (UTP), two RJ-11 (modem), one RCA (video), and two 3.5mm (audio). All connectors are female, and all cables come in 6ft. length.

The International Standard Plates include one country-specific power receptacle (U.K, Australian, or German/Continental European), one 15-pin HD (video), two RJ-45 (UTP), one RJ-11 (modem), three RCA, and one 3.5mm (audio) connector with 6ft-length cables.

The custom plates have the power receptacle(s) pre-installed and the remaining cutouts will accommodate most of our snap-in connectors.

Compatible Sectional Plates: Country Standard Custom US DS901-130 DS901-131 UK DS901-122 DS901-125 Australia DS901-123 DS901-125 Germany/C.E. DS901-124 DS901-127

Pre-defined models are also available for easy ordering:

Country US UK Australia Germany/C.E. Model no. PNP517 PNP527 PNP537 PNP547 PNP515x1 PNP515x1 PNP515x1 PNP515x1 (Standard Plate) DS901-130x2 DS901-122x2 DS901-123x2 DS901-124x2

Model no. PNP517C PNP527C PNP537C PNP547C PNP515x1 PNP515x1 PNP515x1 PNP515x1 (Custom Plate) DS901-131x2 DS901-125x2 DS901-126x2 DS901-127x2


Mechanical Other Properties

Dimensions Above Table Surface Finish: Matte black

Width: 5.25 in (125.7 mm) T Operating: 10C-35C

Height: 5.0 in (130.0 mm) T Maximum: 40C

Depth: 5.45 in (130 mm) Humidity: 90% non-condensing

Dimensions Below Table Bottom Weight: 6.5 lbs (2.95 kg)

Width: 6.14 in (156 mm)

Height: 8.78 in (223 mm)

Depth: 8.5 in (215 mm)

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