Altinex MT400-016 16x16 4Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher

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Altinex MT400-016 16x16 4Twisted Pair Matrix Switcher

16x16, 4TP Matrix Switcher

8x8 to 16x16 4TP Matrix Engine Up to 7 cards may be attached VGA-UXGA; 480p 1080i Full matrix in one 19- or 20-slot enclosure No patch cables required Compact Cost-effective

The MT400-016 is a pre-configured Matrix Switcher with an AV-over-Twisted-Pair Matrix Engine for 8x8 to 16x16 Twisted Pair Signals. The base engine, MT107-105, includes two 4-channel inputs and two 4-channel outputs, each with local audio output. High bandwidth cables ensure signal integrity.

Included with this new engine are two specially designed expansion cards: the MT107-212 is a 4-Twisted Pair input expansion card, and MT107-312 which is a 4-Twisted Pair output expansion card. Each of these new cards can handle up to 16x16 channels over 2, 4-TP inputs and outputs in one enclosure, have signal detection circuitry, RS-232 control, and also reflect all the multiple savings and flexibility in a Matrix Switcher.

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