Altinex MT2426CV Trial Presentation Switcher

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Altinex MT2426CV Trial Presentation Switcher

Trial Presentation Switcher

Designed for courtroom presentation systems 3-VGA selectable inputs, 6-VGA distributed outputs ON/OFF control for each output Built-in front panel control RS-232 control Easy to reconfigure Want to tell us what you think? Feel free to post your comments here: (Please include your email address if you would like us to respond.)

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Configured for courtroom applications, the MT2426CV handles the specific switching, distribution, and control needs of a typical trial presentation system.

The MT2426CV offers three VGA inputs and six VGA outputs to feed monitors and/or projectors throughout a courtroom. The inputs are typically used for the Plaintiff, the Defendant, and an alternate video source for example a document camera, VCR or DVD. The six outputs are typically used for displaying to each other's team as well as to the various other participants in a trial including the Judge, the Witness, the Jury, and the Media.

The front panel of the MultiTasker MT2426CV allows a user to select which input will be displayed and which of the outputs will be turned "on" or "off. Alternate configurations can be easily recalled from a local PC and uploaded via RS-232.These features make it ideal for a courtroom environment where evidence may need to be previewed before being displayed to the jury or to a witness.

The MT2426CV may be used as a tabletop unit or rack-mounted using optional hardware.


Technical Components

Components Quantity

MT103-103 VGA-Type Distribution Amplifier Card 1

MT104-105 VGA-Type Switcher Expansion Cards 1

MT112-104 Control Card 1

RC5205CV Overide Button 1

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