Altinex MT1616AU 16x6 Audio Matrix Switcher

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Altinex MT1616AU 16x6 Audio Matrix Switcher

16x16 Audio Matrix Switcher

Up to 60% long-term saving in maintenance Audio switches separately Single point of RS-232 control access Modular system design Individual input gain control Compact enclosure; up to 50% space saving 2U high, 1 rack wide

The MT1616AU is a 16x16 Audio Matrix Switcher for use with the MT1616MX. This unit allows for any of the 16 audio inputs to be switched independently to any of the 16 outputs. This switcher may also be wired for balanced or unbalanced audio for longer cable runs, as well as excellent noise resistance. Individual input gain control is available via RS-232.


MT1616AU Components Quantity

MT100-101 8-slot MultiTasker enclosure 1

MT101-104 Blank front panel for MT100-101 1

MT110-104 16x16 Stereo Audio Matrix 1

MT Assembly 1

RC5201RS: 12ft 9-pin-to-9-pin RS-232 cable 1

RC5215MT: 2ft RS-232 Loop cable for MT control 1

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