Altinex MT1608MX 16x8 High Bandwidth RGBHV Matrix Switcher

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Altinex MT1608MX 16x8 High Bandwidth RGBHV Matrix Switcher

16x8 High Bandwidth RGBHV Matrix Switcher

16x8 RGBHV + audio matrix Can be also be used for VGA-UXGA with adapter cables 425 MHz Bandwidth @ -3dB BNC connectors for video input and output Balanced audio inputs and outputs Want to tell us what you think? Feel free to post your comments here: (Please include your email address if you would like us to respond.)

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The MT1608MX is a 16x8 RGBHV matrix switcher, used for matrix switching analog computer video with audio. This 4U high, one rack-wide unit uses 75 ohm BNC connections for the separate R, G, B, H, and V signal components of a high-resolution computer video signal, and terminal block connectors for the stereo audio connection. The MT1608MX will also work with unbalanced audio sources and destinations. To adapt this unit for use with 15-pin HD computer video connections, see Cables: VGA to RGB adapter cables.

MT1608MX Components Quantity

MT105-100: 16x8 high bandwidth video matrix 3

MT105-110: 16x8 sync matrix 2

MT110-100: 16x8 balanced audio matrix 2

MT100-100: 19-Slot MultiTasker enclosure 1

MT101-101: 36-button control panel for 19-slot enclosure 1

MT1608MX: MTSetup program file for front panel 1

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