Altinex MT112-104 Universal Contrtol

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Altinex MT112-104 Universal Contrtol
Universal Control

Compact Easy to use; easy to maintain 2 RS-232 Out 6 Relays 4 IR Out; 4 I/O Takes one slot Multiple savings benefits

The MT112-104 is a Universal Control card designed to give external control of various audio and visual devices such as VCRs, DVD players, displays, projectors, and projection screens.

The RS-232 ports may be used to control projectors or any other equipment using an RS-232 port. These ports are for Output only, such as RS-232 strings. The MT112-104 will ignore any string received from an RS-232 device.

Each relay is capable of passing 1 Amp at up to 48 Volts, resistive only. These relays are not designed to drive motors or any type of inductive or capacitive load.

These ports are jumper-configurable as Input or Output ports. When configured as an Input port, the contact closure to ground will activate the port. When the port is activated, a subroutine may be programmed to execute desired commands. When configured as an Output port, the port outputs TTL levels, 0 to 5 Volts, with 24mA drive capability.

The IR ports are capable of driving IR LEDs to control VCRs, DVDs, TVs, or any other equipment using IR control. A learning function is provided to learn different control codes. The learning function is used in conjunction with Smart IR cable, Altinex P/N RC5218IR. Each port can be programmed for different IR modes to accommodate different IR units. Download the IR learning software here to learn IR commands.

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General Electrical

Control Ports I/O Port

Connectors: (6) 5-pin Terminal Blocks Type: Optocoupler Isolated

Voltage: TTL

Current: 24mA

IR Port

Output Type: 38KHz/42KHz Carrier


Maximum Voltage: 48VDC

Maximum Current: 1A AC/DC Resistive

Mechanical Optional Accessories

Basic Enclosure Slots Required: 1 N/A

Weight: 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)

Connector Panel: Black

T Operating: 10C-55C

T Maximum storage: 0 to 75C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs

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