Altinex MT112-110 Universal IO Controller

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Altinex MT112-110 Universal IO Controller

Universal IO Control

24 Input/Output ports Multiple savings benefits Easy to use; easy to maintain Compact Takes 1 slot

The MT112-100 has 24 Input/Output ports. These ports are jumper-configurable and each may be configured as either an input or an output port. As outputs, these I/O ports may be used to control external controls and devices. As inputs, these ports can trigger events and control other cards in the MultiTasker enclosure.

As an Input port, an external contact closure to ground activates the port. A subroutine may be used to execute any number of desired commands. Each port may be assigned one subroutine to be performed when a low-to-high transition occurs and another when a high-to-low transition occurs. As an Output, the port generates a TTL level, 0 to 5V, output with a 10 mA drive capacity. These outputs may be used to drive external LEDs or other circuitry.

The I/O ports may also be configured to work in pairs. The first member of the pair is used as an input to sense an external key or switch. The second member of the pair controls an external LED. Special control commands are available which allow subroutines to be assigned to actions when the key is pressed. Additionally, different subroutines may be assigned to perform different tasks depending on whether or not the LED is on or off when the key is pressed.


General Electrical

Control Ports

I/O Port

Connectors: (6) 5-pin terminal blocks Type: Optocoupler Isolated

Voltage: TTL

Current: 10 mA


Basic Enclosure Slots Required: 1

Weight: 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)

Connector Panel: Black

T Operating: 10C to 55C

T Maximum storage: 0 to 75C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs

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