Altinex MT107-105 Universal 4Twisted Pair Matrix Engine 2 Slots For 16x16 Twisted Pair Matrix

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Altinex MT107-105 Universal 4Twisted Pair Matrix Engine 2 Slots For 16x16 Twisted Pair Matrix

Universal Video Matrix Engine for 16X16 TP Matrix

8x8 to 16x16 TP Matrix Engine Full Matrix fits in one 4-U high enclosure Up to seven cards may be connected to engine Resolution VGA-UXGA, 480p-1080i Compact and cost-effective

The MT107-105 Twisted Pair (TP) Matrix Engine is used for switching among several Twisted Pair transmitters and receivers. Compatible ALTINEX Twisted Pair devices include: MT103-122, MT103-123, DA1930CT, DA1931CT, TP115-110, and TP115-111.

The base engine includes two 4-channel TP inputs and two 4-channel TP outputs, each with a local audio output. Each input and output connector is capable of delivering 2, 4-channel TP signals to the Matrix Engine. Each expansion card is connected to the engine via special, high-bandwidth cables in order to maintain signal integrity.

Control of the Matrix Engine is maintained through the MultiTasker enclosure. The engine may be controlled using the RS-232 bus, or by preprogramming the MultiTasker enclosure. Programming the enclosure eliminates the need for an external computer to control the Matrix Engine. The Matrix Engine may be easily configured to meet customer requirements by selecting the appropriate number of switching elements. Selecting the proper configuration can be achieved using AVSnap control software or other RS-232 communication software.

All TP inputs and outputs have a local stereo audio output available. The local audio outputs are designed for stereo audio and only work with stereo transmitters like the DA1930CT and MT103-122.

The latest generation of Twisted Pair devices uses an innovative, patented technology* developed by ALTINEX. The new signal processing technology allows transmitting and receiving fully equalized computer video signals, stereo, and audio signals over long distances. The maximum distance at full UGXA resolution is 400 ft (122 m). between devices and may reach up to 750 ft (229 m). at VGA resolution.

* US Patent 7,065,190


General Electrical

Inputs Input Signals

Twisted Pair: (2) RJ-45 female ALTINEX Standard for Twisted Pair: From MT107-212 Add-On

Add-On: (7) 40 Pin IDC Male Output Signals

Outputs ALTINEX Standard for Twisted Pair: To MT107-312 Add-On

Twisted Pair: (2) RJ-45 female Local Audio (stereo transmitters only): 0dB +/- 0.5dB

Add-On: (7) 40 Pin IDC Male Power (from enclosure)

Local Audio: (4) 5-pin terminal block +6V (with 4 modules): 780 mA

Compatibility -6V (with 4 modules): 530 mA

Signal types: ALTINEX Standard for Twisted Pair Extra module +6V: 1000 mA (6 W)

Video Signal Resolution: VGA through UXGA 480p through 1080i Extra module -6V: 800 mA (4.8 W)

Total Power (with 4 modules): 10.8 W

Mechanical AVSnap Software

Enclosure Slots Required Base Engine: 2 Slots Matrix Control software: 200kb

Enclosure Slots Required: 1 Slot per Card

Weight: 1.1 lb (0.5 kg)

Connector Panel: Black Anodized

T Operating: 10C-50C

T Maximum: 75C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 50,000 hrs

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