Altinex MT0804VG 8x4 VGA+Audio Matrix Switcher

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Altinex MT0804VG 8x4 VGA+Audio Matrix Switcher

8x4 VGA + Audio Matrix Switcher

8x8 or 8x4 VGA-UXGA + audio matrix RGBS, RGBHV, or component video (Y Pb Pr) 15-pin HD connectors for video input and output Balanced audio inputs and outputs 2U high; saving over 50% rack space

The MT0804VG and MT0808VG are pre-configured, compact MultiTasker Matrix Switchers that are popular for applications with little rack space. The MT0804VG is typically used in small events, museums, tradeshows, sportsí restaurants, and training centers.

As a member of the MultiTasker family, this unit takes less than 50% of the rack space stand-alone units require. The unit comes fully assembled, ready to be used, and programmed for standard switching functions. The two audio cards are set up to switch with audio-follow-video or breakaway (independent) video or audio.

To use the MT0804VG or MT0808VG for RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, Y Pb Pr, or Y, R-Y, B-Y video, see MultiTasker: Patch Cables for VGA-to-RGB adapter cables.

MT0804VG Components Quantity

MT102-181: 8-slot MultiTasker enclosure, 36 buttons, RS-232 port, RS-232 cable, button labels 1

MT110-102: 16x8 Balanced 1

MT105-121: 8x4 VGA-UXGA video matrix switcher 1

MT200-101: Empty slot covers

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