Altinex ISM5106-W Intera Mini-Controller Module (Master)

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Altinex ISM5106-W Intera Mini-Controller Module (Master)

INTERA Mini-controller Module (Master)

Fits into 1-gang electrical enclosure Works in Decora® system as an insert module Basic unit connects to MultiTasker enclosure ISM5106-W (6-button) Expansion Unit available Up to 3 Expansion Units may be added Available in white only

Adding to the INTERA™ line of products is the ISM5000-W, a push-button control unit designed to control ALTINEX MultiTasker systems. This push-button controller is programmed from the MultiTasker, provides two different control states per button (push once, push-and-hold), and also has programmable on/off positions for the integrated LED in each button. In addition, each separate button has a removable transparent face that can be individually labeled.

The basic unit ISM5000-W has six programmable buttons and connects to any MultiTasker unit equipped with a front control panel. This basic unit may also be extended with up to three additional expansion units, product ISM5106 , each of which provides six additional push buttons in a standard 1-gang unit.

The ISM5106-W provides expansion only, and cannot be used to directly control a MultiTasker enclosure. Up to nine ISM5000-W basic units may be connected to a single MultiTasker enclosure, and each ISM5000-W unit may have up to three ISM5106 expansion units attached.

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General Electrical

Compatibility: Designed for use with the MultiTasker™ 20 / 19 / 12 / 8 / 4 -Slot Enclosures Power: 6V from Multi-Tasker™ 9-pin connector

Power Consumption: 0.25 watt max.


T° Operating: 10°C-40°C

T° Maximum: 0 to 50°C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 65,000 hrs

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