Altinex HMDI Sniffer HMDI Signal Tester

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Altinex HMDI Sniffer HMDI Signal Tester
HDMI Signal Detector

Displays 6 levels on LED bar Lifetime warranty Operates on 2 AA batteries Auto shut-off saves energy 30-day money back guarantee

With the increasing usage of HDMI-type signals in AV installations, there is need for a low-cost and easy-to-use HDMI signal detector. The HDMI signal is transmitted at bit rates exceeding 1.2Gb/s. A special cable is required to transmit this signal long distances and to minimize losses; in many cases the signal can be transmitted only 10-15ft (3-5m). Since many runs are longer than this, special line drivers and equalizers can be used to extend the signal transmission distance 90-150ft (30-50m).

With so many pieces of equipment involved, how do you troubleshoot a problem if there is no display at the end? Or what if you've laid the cable and there is no display to verify the installation is sound? The answer is the HDMI Sniffer.

The HDMI Sniffer from ALTINEX is a pocket-sized device that allows installers to measure the quality of an HDMI signal at each connection point in the run. With simple operation and an easy-to-read display, the HDMI Sniffer will become an installer’s best friend. A six-level LED bar displays the strength of the HDMI signal – level one indicates the HDMI signal is very weak and cannot be recovered; level six indicates a full-strength HDMI signal. Just plug the cable or device into the HDMI Sniffer and it will show you if the signal quality is good, marginal, or poor. With the HDMI Sniffer, there is no guessing game; it will tell you if the signal is sufficient to run your projector or plasma display. The days of swapping out cables and equipment are over thanks to the new HDMI Sniffer.

The HDMI Sniffer has an auto shut-off feature to preserve battery life, and cannot be turned on accidentally in your tool box. It operates on 2 AA batteries which will last for over 2 years under normal use.

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