Altinex DS801-301 Wall Mount Control w/11 Button Keypad Master IR Receiver 2 RS23

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Altinex DS801-301 Wall Mount Control w/11 Button Keypad Master IR Receiver 2 RS23

Wall-Mount Control with 11 Buttons, Control Dial, IR Receiver, 2 RS-232 Ports, and Serial-To-Ethernet

RS-232 control Serial-to-Ethernet/LAN control Multi-control connectivity 11 Quad-state illuminated push buttons Control dial IR learn ability Relay contacts Contact closure inputs Real-time clock/calendar Programmable Alarm

The DS801-301 Wall-Mount Control allows device control via several methods. Activate devices or trigger events using push-buttons, RS-232 communication, IR transmitters, or relays directly from any of several user interfaces. The DS801-301 installs into a standard 2-gang outlet box.

Contact Relays Four relays are available to control external devices. Turn lights on or off, close or open drapes, or lower or raise projectors. The DS801-301 is fully integrated with a one-year calendar and alarm.

Quad-State Keys/Control Knob Program 11 LED illuminated push-button switches to launch events. Press a key when the LED is off and turn on a display; press it again when the LED is red and turn off the same display. Program the control knob to increase and decrease audio/video properties such as volume, brightness, etc.

RS-232 Control Set up and program the DS801-301 using standard RS-232 serial communication or over the LAN with the built-in serial-to-Ethernet capability. Program the internal memory to execute stored functions that may be used to control a MultiTasker enclosure or any other RS-232 device.

CCL Inputs Optically isolated digital inputs allow the user to trigger internal events from simple momentary push buttons. Wire them in using the terminal block connectors provided and use them for remote on/off, input select, and more.

Programming The HelpInside feature allows programmers to have access to command structures and control of the DS801-301 from any terminal. This technology provides easier-than-ever control of the DS801-301 with simple keyboard commands.

IR learning software

Download the software here to learn IR commands.

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General Electrical

Input & Communication Connectors

RS-232 (front): 3.5mm female (1)

RS-232 TX/RX, BUSY, RS-232 TX, DC Power: 8-pin terminal block (1)

IR Input: IR receiver (1)

Ethernet/LAN: RJ-45 female (1)

Output & Control Connectors

4 Relays: 8-pin terminal block (1)

3 Contact Closures (CCL) and 4 IR Output Ports: 8-pin terminal block (1)


RS-232 Control (baud): 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, and 38400

Mechanical Optional Accessories

Inside Wall Dimensions


Height: 2.60 in (66 mm)

RS-232 (front/rear): RS-232 Standard

Width: 3.52 in (90 mm)

IR Input Standard: Remote Control

Depth: 1.50 in (38 mm)

Ethernet/LAN: TCP/IP 10/100 Mbps

Front Panel (wall surface)*

Outputs & Control

Width: 4.56 in (116 mm)

4 Relays: Max Capacity = 24VDC, 1A Max Switching Current= 0.5A Max Switching Power = 10VA

Height: 4.50 in (114 mm)

3 CCL Ports: Open or Ground


4 IR Output Ports: TTL/CMOS driver for IR LED

Housing: 0.032 Aluminum

RS-232 Control (default): 9600 Baud 1 Stop Bit 8 Data Bits No Parity No Flow Control

Front Panel: 0.080 Aluminum

Power +8-16V, 500mA


Weight: 0.5 lb (0.23 kg)

T Operating: 10C to 35C

T Maximum: 0C to 50C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs

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