Altinex DA1935KM Keyboard/Mouse To Fiber Optic Transmitter

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Altinex DA1935KM Keyboard/Mouse To Fiber Optic Transmitter

Keyboard/Mouse To Fiber Optic Transmitter

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT and XP Compatible with MT107 Versatile Matrix Switcher Cards Internal memory store keyboard/mouse settings 2000ft/600m distance between

The DA1935KM provides a means of transmitting keyboard and mouse serial data over fiber optic cable. The DA1935KM is designed to be used together with an ALTINEX Fiber Optic Receiver, such as DA1934KM.

The DA1935KM is compact and easy to use. As a direct connect, it connects directly to the keyboard and mouse and is able to transmit both keyboard and mouse data over the same fiber optic cable.

The DA1935KM may also be used to send mouse and keyboard data to different computers, or multiple computers by using an ALTINEX MultiTasker™ Enclosure, with a matrix system that includes the MT107-204 and MT107-304.

Internal memory allows the user to save the keyboard configuration for Number Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock.


General Electrical

Inputs: 2 PC Compatible Keyboard and Mouse 6 Pin Mini DIN Female Input

Outputs: 1 ST Keyboard and Mouse Serial Data TTL Levels Maximum Rate 5MBaud (5mb/s)

Compatibility: Signal types Keyboard and Mouse, Compatible Fiber: 62.5/125um

Serial Data Signal Rate 5Mbaud Operating Systems:Windows 2000, NT and XP Power: External Adapter (included) 9V DC, 500mA

Mouse Types

(1) 5 buttons, 1 wheel

(2) 2 buttons, 1 wheel

(3) 2 buttons, no wheel


Material: 0.062” ABS 94 HB

Finish: ALTINEX Black

Height: 2.40in (60.9mm)

Width: 2.27in (57.7mm)

Depth: 1.00in (25.4mm)

Weight: 0.14lb (0.06kg)

Ship Weight: 0.5lbs (0.23kg)

T° Operating: 10°C-40° C

T° Maximum 50°C

Humidity: 90° non-condensing

MTBF (calculations): 40,000 hrs.

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