Altinex DA1905GL 1-IN 1-Out RGBHV Line Driver/Isolater

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Altinex DA1905GL 1-IN 1-Out RGBHV Line Driver/Isolater

1-In 1-Out RGBHV Line Driver/Isolator

5-BNC RGBHV Input 6-BNC RGBSHV Buffered Output Compensates for cable runs up to 350 ft GLI on-board Sync Combining/Sync Separating Ultra compact enclosure Includes: (1) power adapter

The DA1905GL is a multi-purpose RGBHV line driver, ground loop isolator, and sync processor. It offers a single input (5 BNC connectors for RGBHV) and a single output (6 BNC connectors for RGBSHV). It will also accept RGBS, RGsB, component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y), S-video, and composite video signals using the appropriate channels. With a single built-in equalization control, the DA1905GL can easily compensate for cable runs of 350 feet or more. All three R, G, and B channels are adjusted with the single control dial.

The DA1905GL also provides ground loop isolation to prevent hum bars and other artifacts caused by ground loops in a system. The common mode range of the DA1905GL is +/-.7V with a video signal of 1V p-p. (Most ground loops range between +/ 0.05 to 0.5 volts, which is well within the capabilities of the DA1905GL)

The DA1905GL also acts as a sync processor, allowing you to combine horizontal and vertical sync into composite sync or separating composite sync into horizontal and vertical sync. It can pass through a sync-on-Green signal, but does not, however, strip sync from a sync-on-Green signal.


General Electrical

Input: 5-BNC Female Input Video Signal

Output: 6-BNC Female Analog -1.5V to 1.5V (1.5V p-p max)

Compatibility Impedance 75 ohm

High Resolution RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, and RsGsBs format computer video. Component (Y, R-Y, B-Y), S-video (Y/C), and composite video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM). Video sources must be passed through Red, Green and/or Blue channels. Sync channels are not designed to pass video. Input Sync Signal

Horiz., Vert., & C-Sync TTL (+/-)

Sync on Green -0.3V

Impedance 10k ohms

Output Video Signal

Gain/Equalization: adjustable from 0db to 18db,

100MHz to 300MHz

Fall/Rise Time: 1.3 ns

Impedance: 75 ohm 1%

Output Sync Signal

Horiz., Vert., & C-Sync: TTL (+/-)

Sync on Green: -0.3 V

Impedance: 22 ohm

Frequency Compatibility

Horizontal: 15 to 200 kHz

Vertical: 47 to 180 Hz

Bandwidth: 350 MHz @ -3dB EQ set to 0

Coupling: DC

Cross-talk: -40dB @ 10 MHz

Power: 9V-500mA external adapter (incl.)

Power Consumption: 4 watts Max.


Width (not including connectors): 3.50 in; 89 mm

Height: 2.3 in; 59 mm

Depth: 1.70 in; 43 mm

Weight: 0.45 lb; 0.2 kg

Ship weight: 1.8 lb; 0.82 kg

Material: 0.1" Al

Finish: Gray

Front/back panels: Lexan

T Operating: 10C to 45C

T Maximum: 50C

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

MTBF (calc.): 40,000 hrs

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