Altinex DA103-110 1 IN/2 Out VGA Distribution Amplifier

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Altinex DA103-110 1 IN/2 Out VGA Distribution Amplifier

Sidekicker® with 2 VGA Outputs

Small in size; huge in options VGA – UXGA; 480p – 1080i Signal present LED 9V-500mA DC adapter included 2ft video/USB cable included 2 simultaneous buffered computer video outputs For coaxial cable runs to 250ft

The DA103-110 is a compact and powerful high-resolution 1-In, 2-Out VGA-UXGA distribution amplifier used for transmitting computer or component video from one computer to two displays simultaneously.

Easy to use, this unit offers three different options for receiving power and for your convenience, the accessories are included. You can use a 15-pin connector; if no computer is used for video, the USB connector provides the necessary power. Another popular and handy alternative is to use the +9V adapter which is included with the DA103-110 if there is not USB port available or if the port supplies insufficient power.

The DA103-110 is the only distribution amplifier offering enormous power and versatility within such an efficient design and is perfect for applications in very tight spaces.

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