Allen & Heath ML4000-40A Stereo Mixing Console

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Allen & Heath ML4000-40A Stereo Mixing Console
Features of the Allen & Heath ML4000: • 4 Standard frame sizes: 24+2, 32+2, 40+2, 48+2 (mono + dual stereo channels) • Optional ‘B’ versions: 20+6, 28+6, 36+6, 44+6 (mono + dual stereo channels) • 24, 32, 40, 48 mono mic/line inputs with inserts and direct outputs • 2 dual stereo line inputs standard (6 optional) • 24 input sidecar to expand to a maximum 96 inputs • Main Left, Right and Centre outputs with inserts, Centre configurable as the engineers monitor • 8 Groups, 12 Auxes: Group/Aux 1-8 and Aux 9-12 with faders and inserts, Aux 1-8 with rotaries • 11x4 Matrix • 2-Track monitor input and recording send • Stereo headphones and local monitors • Talkback mic input • ClearCom compatible intercom interface • 8 VCA groups with mutes and PAFL monitoring • 8 audio groups with LCRplus™ sub grouping • 8 mute groups • MIDI accessible snapshot memories • MIDI mute on/off, snapshot recall and dump in/out control • Channels can be made safe from the automation • 4-Band full sweep mono EQ with switched Q mids, 4-band fixed frequency stereo EQ • Sweepable high pass filter • LCRplus™ 3 speaker imaging system • Protected mode switching to configure the console for FOH or monitor application • Intelligent PAFL system with all-clear, PFL/in-place AFL, priority, auto-cancel/add mode… • Assignable talkback and intercom • 1kHz tone and pink noise generator for system line-up and testing • Full console monitoring and extensive metering of inputs, mix busses and

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