Allen & Heath ILIVE-T112 control surface

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Allen & Heath ILIVE-T112

28 Fader Surface with 16 Inputs 12 outputs. Includes (8) 1/4" trs balanced inputs and (8) 1/4" balanced trs outputs, (4) rca line-level inputs, (2) rca line-level outputs, (2) digital coax sp/dif inputs and (2) coax digital outputs. Network I/O and ACE connection. Add the iDR-32 DSP engine for 32x16 or the iDR-48 for 48x24.

The T Series surfaces feature the same intuitive layout that has delighted iLive users around the world. Its instantly accessible analogue-style rotary controls, switches and dials, visually informative channel labelling and colour coding, comprehensive metering, graphical colour touchscreen, and logical layout allows the user to avoid fiddly menus and instinctively find controls. The jump from analogue to digital has never been so easy.

The mix layout Each bank of faders has four layers, so the T112 provides no fewer than 112 control strips. These can be freely assigned as mono or stereo inputs, group, aux, main, matrix mix masters, DCA masters - and even engineers Wedge / IEM monitor - giving total freedom in the design of the surface layout.

Local audio The rear of the surface provides a host of connections for local sources, sends and inserted devices, so there is no need for a second I/O rack at mix position.

Networking and control The T Surface connects to the iDR MixRack using the ACETM link, which combines control and remote audio over a single cable. A built-in network switch allows connection of other network devices such as a laptop running iLive Editor software. MIDI and USB ports are also available.

T Series is an evolution of the flagship iLive digital range, with all the performance and power of the original in a newly-styled, compact and affordable package. For the first time, distributed audio digital mixing has been made accessible to everyone, from rental companies to houses of worship, schools to theatres, stadia to media centres without breaking the bank. T Series provides distributed audio and control, various configuration possibilities, an intuitive instant access analogue-style user interface, and features the same great-sounding 64x32 RackExtra DSP mix engine as our highly successful iLive range. 2 new control surfaces and 2 new mixracks use compact construction with non-modular classic format I/O, new proprietary Audio and Control over Ethernet (ACE)TM digital snake and the latest dual core DSP technology to make iLive accessible to new digital users. There is a slot for optional plugin cards to interface with popular audio networking standards, as well as a host of control options.

Controlling a mix with the iLive-T couldn't be easier. Its logic and simplicity get the user up to speed and navigating the system in minutes. The SEL buttons are used to instantly access all the processing for each strip, whether input, output or FX, with no menus involved at all, while the MIX buttons provide access to the levels, sends, assignments and other mix parameters. Selecting the MIX button on an output strip will immediately bring up the contributions to that mix from the inputs on the faders (or encoders, if preferred), while selecting the MIX button on an input strip shows the send levels to each mix.

* Processing Strip The iLive-TSurface features the proven and popular "Processing Strip" found on A&H'sflagship iLive system. It's a combination of dedicated functional controls forGain and Preamp, HPF, Gate, Parametric EQ, Compressor and Limited/De-Esser,which can be applied to any DSP channel in the iLive system, with fullmetering within each processing block. In addition, every processor features aSEL button for parameter copy and reset, or for headphone monitoring of anypoint in the channel signal path including the side-chain filters. Allprocessing is available on each DSP channel all the time so you can never runout of DSP power. * Graphic EQ All 32 mix outputshave a 1/3 octave graphic EQ as well as the parametric EQ. The graphic can beset up on the touch screen or viewed on the surface with the motorized channelfaders controlling the bands and the related frequency and dB cut or boostdisplayed on the LCD strip. There is even an RTA display on the meters abovethe frequency bands. * Surface Mixing Controls Further controls on the iLive-T surface provide copy& paste of settings across strips, navigating between layers and scenes,and a selection of monitor and talkback options. To help identify channels,color-definable "Write-On Blocks" for channel naming are provided, where thebackground of the channel LCD can be set to suit the user's preferences - forexample, green for inputs, light blue for auxes, red for DCAs, or to highlightspecific inputs. * TouchScreen The TouchScreenis used to set up and manage iLive's system configuration and data, and alsosupports general operations with a graphical display of the signal processing.To get started quickly a variety of Show templates for different classicconsole setups is available, or the user can build his preferences for thelayout and setup of inputs, masters, DCA groups, routing, etc. from scratch. * Scenes, Shows & Libraries iLive can store all, or a selection of, parameters withinthe console as 'Scene' memories. These can be used, for example, to storebands' settings at sound check, make effects changes during songs, cue changesduring a theater production, or to store preferred layouts for differentoperators. Scenes are then archived with the current configuration andsettings into a 'Show' file for future use. Personal processing and FXpreferences can be named and stored as 'Libraries'. Show and Library memoriesare easily transported between systems or archived to computer using a USBkey. * iLive-T FX iLive has an arrayof built-in 'rack' FX options modelled on simulations of the best productsavailable, and these are represented graphically on the TouchScreen, fromwhere the FX parameters can be edited. With 8 DSP engines available, there areplenty of options for system effects, such as delay and reverb, as well asinserted effects such as chorus and double tracking. Each of the effects unitshas a 'back panel' where I/O routing is set up. * SMR Reverb Designed for livesound reverb processing, with emulations of industry standard units based on 4complex models: Classic, Hall, Room and EMT. * 2-Tap delay A comprehensivedelay processor providing separate L and R tap delay outputs with on-screentap tempo for fast and simple set up. * ADT Double Tracker Createsshort echo, classic double/quad tracking FX and 'slapback' tape delay loops. * Chorus Emulates classicchorus units with additional stereo field enhancement, providing effects from'shimmer' to deep stereo pitch modulation. * Electric Flange Providesemulations of 'ambient' tape machine flanging from 'vintage' classic sounds to'wild' untameable flange FX. * Symphonic Chorus The popular80's chorus with vox and strings presets. * Hypabass A sub-harmonicsynthesis unit to generate infra and sub-bass spectrum from a weaker bassprogramme. * Gated Verb Contains the classic 80's emulation, plus 'panned' and'powerbox' gated reverbs, the module also has a visual display of the gatetime domain envelope.

Dimensions: 42.6" x 11" x 25"; Weight: 59.4 lbs.

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