Allen&Heath Xone2-464 Desktop/Rack Mount Professional Club Mixer

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Allen&Heath Xone2-464 Desktop/Rack Mount Professional Club Mixer
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A 16 Input, five output DJ club mixer.

When Allen & Heath decided to build a club mixer, they wanted to satisfy club techs and DJs alike. The Xone:464 naturally shares its construction methods with Allen & Heath's pro touring desks, so venues can depend on it for outstanding audio and reliability.

Its unique analogue filters and 4 band asymmetric EQ also make it an incredibly creative tool that DJs really enjoy using. It includes a set of 4 fully featured mic/line inputs, which is great for venues running small live sets as well as DJs, or for those pioneering artists who are mixing live and recorded sources.

XLR or TRS jack connector, gain, 4 band EQ with swept mids, HPF @ 100Hz, 6 aux sends (1-4 pre, 5&6 switchable pre/post fader), pan, peak signal led, cue and on button with led. 100mm long throw fader. Insert point and direct output on TRS jack

2 stereo sources (A & B) per channel. A is on RCA for all channels with RIAA preamps on CH 5,6,9,10. B inputs are line in on RCA CH 5 & 10 and TRS on CH 6,7, 8 & 9. Access to all 6 auxes is at the top of the channels, leaving performance area clear. 3 colour bar meter and gain control. Powerful 4 band EQ with on switch. 60mm fader and X-fade assign section

2 independent mix outputs with level controls, 12 segment 3 colour led metering and insert. Balanced XLR plus secondary RCA outputs, plus selectable mono out also on XLR and TRS. CH1-4 feed mix1 or mix2. Stereo channels feed mix1 direct or via the X-fader. Mix1 can route to mix2

6 aux sends to [TRS] outputs for monitors or FX sends. Mic / line CH 1-4 have individual sends and stereo CH 5-10 have aux 1&2 individual mono sum and auxes 3&4, 5&6 paired with L to odd, R to even. Aux sends 1-4 are always pre-fade, while auxes 5&6 are switchable pre/post fader. Additional controls allow aux sends to track the X-fader post fade

Mix1, mix2, post x-fader aux 3&4 and 5&6 can provide stereo mixes on rotary controls. Post x-fader aux 1 & aux 2 can provide mono mix outputs with level controls

Mono channels have 2 swept frequency mids. Stereo channels have EQ-on switch and all frequency sections have +6dB boost to preserve headroom and -26dB cut for creative mixing

Conductive plastic, high quality 45mm Penny & Giles fader with curve switchable to cut or dip. Stereo channels can be assigned to X (left) side with green led indication or Y (right) side with yellow led. VCA operation means wear and tear does not affect audio. Drop-in replacements. Pan trim control for imbalance

2 filters [1 for each side of the x-fader] with choice of High Pass, Band Pass, Low Pass or multiples e.g. notch. Resonance control - adjusts Q from mild to wild'. Sweep controls from 100Hz to 20kHz with blue led on switch

TRS jack inputs via level control to mix1, mix2 or monitor

2 high powered headphone outputs with level. Booth output on TRS with level. Monitor section has 8-way switch bank to select monitor source. 12 segment 3 colour bar metering. Channel cue overrides the monitor selected in the phones [and booth if Cue Enable is pressed]. Split Cue sends cue signals to left and selected program to right. Mute kills local monitor output [option for -20dB action]. Mono sum button for phase and compatibility check

High performance internal switched-mode power supply. Universal mains input voltage

Internal links to configure mono CH aux sends to pre-EQ and / or pre-ON. Stereo CH Cue to post EQ. Stereo CH auxes to pre-EQ. Direct out to pre-fade. EXT in -10dBV/+4dBu. Monitor Mute to -20dB attenuator. Remote local monitor mute. These options require competent installation or service personnel SysLink kit output on 25-pin D connector to link to other A&H consoles

FEATURES: INPUTS CH 1-4 IN (XLR) PAD out Balanced XLR female 2k ohm -60 to -20dBu. PAD in >10k ohm -30 to +10dBu. CH 1-4 IN (TRS) Balanced TRS jack >10k ohm -30 to +10dBu. CH 5,6,9,10 IN A RCA phono RIAA 47k ohm 2 to 100mV. CH 7,8 IN A RCA phono >10k ohm -10 to +10dBu. CH 5,10 IN B RCA phono >15k ohm -10 to +10dBu. CH 6,7,8,9 IN B Balanced TRS jack >10k ohm -10 to +10dBu. EXT IN Balanced TRS jack >10k ohm -10dBV (+4dBu option). INSERTS CH 1-4 Unbalanced TRS jack SEND <75 ohm 0dBu. RETURN >3k ohm MIX OUT 1,2 Unbalanced TRS jack SEND <75 ohm -2dBu. RETURN >7k ohm OUTPUTS DIR OUT 1-4 TRS jack. Impedance balanced <75 ohm 0dBu. MIX OUT 1,2 (XLR) XLR male Balanced <75 ohm +4dBu. MIX OUT 2 (RCA) RCA phono <75 ohm -10dBV. MONO OUT (XLR) XLR male Balanced <75 ohm +4dBu. MONO OUT (TRS) TRS jack. Impedance balanced <75 ohm -2dBu. AUX OUT 1-6 TRS jack. Impedance balanced <75 ohm -2dBu. LOCAL MONITOR OUT TRS jack Impedance balanced <75 ohm -2dB. Actual Shipping Weight 30 lbs.

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