Allen&Heath Xone-2D Pro DJ-MIDI Controller w/USB Audio & Midi Ports

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Allen&Heath Xone-2D Pro DJ-MIDI Controller w/USB Audio & Midi Ports
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The Xone:2D is a combination of a 9 stereo channel USB 2.0 soundcard and MIDI controller, which DJ’s can combine with their existing analogue mixer to create a complete Digital DJ mixing system, perfect for integration with DJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor DJ Studio. The 96kHz 24-bit USB 2.0 soundcard is provided with a large array of connections for easy interfacing into any DJ setup, while MIDI clocks are generated using the tap tempo button or by analysing the BPM of incoming audio, available from all input channels. One of the input channels can be switched between mic and line, while the unit is completed by a comprehensive onboard monitoring system.

The Xone:2D is a follow-up product to the acclaimed Xone:3D mixer/controller. The Xone:2D is the combination of a 4 stereo channel USB soundcard and MIDI controller, which DJ’s can connect to their existing analogue mixer to integrate leading DJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor DJ Studio, and create a complete digital DJ mixing system.

The high quality USB soundcard can operate in either of two modes – stereo channels for 3 inputs from a PC and 1 return, or 2 channels from a PC and 2 returns. A large array of connections are provided to enable easy integration into any DJ set-up, and the 2D can be directly connected to turntables, CD players or linked to an external mixer. Digital IO (optical and coaxial) is also provided.

The Xone:3D BPM counter with LED display is included, which is capable of detecting a beat in music presented on the stereo BPM input. A MIDI clock generator, which can be set using the illuminated tap tempo button or sync’d to the tempo detected by the BPM counter, is provided, and features the unique MIDI clock nudge facility of the 3D.

The MIDI controller connects via USB to a computer and also has 5-pin DIN MIDI sockets for connection to any MIDI-enabled device, and features 5 60mm linear faders, 8 detented rotary pots, 19 push buttons - 4 of which are illuminated, 5 rotary encoders with "push to switch" function, and a multi-function jog wheel with switched navigation control. All the MIDI controls can be mapped for use as navigation controls for DJ or production software.

Optional attachment brackets to mechanically link the Xone:2D to other mixers in the A&H range, and overlays relating to various software programmes including Ableton Live 6 and Traktor DJ Studio 3, are available.

The gradual rise of computer DJing raises questions about just what gear a DJ would want. Mixers were, after all, designed for working with a couple of decks, not a computer that itself can mix. Allen & Heath’s solution has been to cross-breed its popular DJ mixers with MIDI control and computer audio interface functions.

If the Allen & Heath Xone:3D mixer/controller was more than you needed, it now has a sibling in the form of the Xone:2D. Like the Xone:3D, the Zone:2D integrates a computer audio interface and MIDI controller for DJ software. Unlike the Xone:3D, the 2D is smaller, has fewer controls, and evidently no mixing functions. The tradeoffs result in a much smaller, more affordable unit. The aim seems to be integrating your computer with existing mixers rather than being an all-in-one solution as with the 3D, though it might work well in compact computer setups, as well. And, of course, since it has MIDI the Xone:2D becomes a candidate for VJ gigs, as well.

Soundcard: • 96kHz 24 bit audio transfer • Interface to any digital source up to 192kHz • 9 stereo channels – 5 (4 analogue and one digital) inputs from a PC and 4 (3 analogue and one digital) returns. • SPDIF Input and output • Optical Input and output

MIDI Controller • 44 mappable MIDI control messages available • 4 x 60mm linear faders, 8 x detented rotary pots, 4 illuminated push switches • 5 rotary encoders, 16 switches, 1 custom jog wheel with micro switches, crossfader • Compatible with any PC software that has MIDI assignable functions: eg, music production, DJ, lighting controller or visual effects programs

Basic specs:

Audio interface with two configurations: 3×2 stereo inputs from a computer, 1 stereo return, or 2 stereo ins and 2 return Digital I/O (both optical and coax) BPM counter with LED, with tempo driven by audio tempo detection, tap tempo, or MIDI clock “nudge” USB, 5-pin MIDI connectors 5 faders, 8 center-detent pots, 19 push buttons (4 illuminated), 5 rotary encoders with push-to-switch, multi-function jog.

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