Allen&Heath VF-1 Filter High Quality Analogue Filter

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Allen&Heath VF-1 Filter High Quality Analogue Filter
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The Xone VF-1 is an analog filter inspired by the legendary VCF circuits of the award-winning Xone DJ mixer range. On stage, it will revolutionize your performance with valve overdrive, multiple analog filter types and the unique effects produced by the envelope follower. In the studio, production work can be brought ‘alive’ with these audio tools, while MIDI input and output signals offer massive control flexibility. The VF-1 boasts an envelope follower, an LFO with both triangle and square wave outputs and resonance control with automatic limiter circuits. Also included is valve overdrive circuitry, so a single control enables the user to "dial in" an amount of valve "warmth" while maintaining a constant output level. The VF-1 is MIDI equipped, so it can manipulate external MIDI equipment as well as be controlled by MIDI itself - offering exceptional flexibility from an analog filter. It's a great sounding unit with lots of possibilities for creativity, and is a great tool for DJs as well as being ideal for just about anyone making music. As standard, the VF-1 has XLR, 1/4", and RCA line-level inputs, with an RIAA turntable version available.

Features: * Warm, clear filters * Valve overdrive * Resonance control * Envelope follower frequency to create unique effects * LFO - with both triangle and square wave outputs * MIDI in/out control * Valve input with drive control * XLR, TRS jack, RCA phono inputs and outputs

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