Allen&Heath ML5000-32-A System 32-Mono+4-Stereo (Includes 4xLittlites+2xPSU & Console Dust Cover)

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Allen&Heath ML5000-32-A System 32-Mono+4-Stereo (Includes 4xLittlites+2xPSU & Console Dust Cover)
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Allen & Heath ML5000-32 A - 32 Mono + 4 Stereo represents the beginning of a new generation of performance mixing consoles from the legendary Allen & Heath stable. Never before has such a combination of physical strength, sonic purity, flexibility and value for the money been brought together in such an attractive design. Available in three frame sizes. Up to two 24-channel sidecar expanders can be added, bringing the maximum channel count to a total of 100 channels.

12x8 Matrix Fed from the groups, LR & C and external input on rotary controls - with inserts and VU meter access

8 Mute Groups Easy to edit, single key press mute groups created from channel, fader master, matrix and LCR mutes

4 Band EQ plus HPF ‘Responsive’ feel with separate controls for sweep and cut/boost, plus Q on midrange. Swept 20-400Hz HPF

Dual Stereo Channels All ML5000 consoles are supplied with 4 dual stereo channels additional to the channel count. These are to the right in the master section & feature Mixable A [TRS] & B [XLR] inputs with gain, ON switch, 4 band EQ and mono summing. There is also an option to order 32 and 40 channel ML5000 consoles with an additional 4 dual stereo channels at the far right of the console in the place of the last 4 mono channels.

Balanced XLR & Inserts Gold-plated XLR connectors. Separate send and return inserts [TRS] on channels, Grp/Aux, matrix and LCR

Intelligent PAFL system Momentary or latching action buttons with auto cancel and add mode, clear all button and destructive solo-in-place facility, PFL or stereo AFL-in-place on input channels (which override output AFL). Mono or stereo AFL on all outputs (which cancels input PAFL selected) - ideal for checking stereo in-ear monitors!

128 Snapshot memories Show automation of VCA assignment / mute ‘scenes’ which can be up/down loaded via midi/RS232 to ‘Archiver’ software. Channel safe and edit safe facilities

Engineer’s Toolbox Phones, wedge and local monitor controls, - 20dB ‘dim’ when TB active. PFL trim control. Pink noise and oscillator, balanced direct outs on channels, 2TRK, LR & C monitor selection with mono check. Peak & VU metering

Lamps 4 XLR lamp sockets are provided

PSU High-performance, lightweight switched mode 2U supply with built in combiner for backup

Configuration Options Internal jumpers to configure Aux1 to direct out, pre/post direct out, pre/post EQ / pre-insert for the pre-fader source. Isolate pre-fade from channel mute

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