Allen&Heath iDR0 2U-Rack iDR-64 RackExtraDSP CPU M-RAB w/ESA & ESB

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Allen&Heath iDR0 2U-Rack iDR-64 RackExtraDSP CPU M-RAB w/ESA & ESB
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Allen & Heath add the iDR0 processing unit to its iLive digital mixing system. Along with that comes the release of iLive System Software v1.2.

The iDR0 is a two space rackmountable unit that brings all the processing features of the iLive system to networked audio systems. The iDR0 includes two EtherSound ports, responsible for all the inputs and outputs of the unit.

The iDR0 has processing for 64 inputs with full dynamics and EQ into 32 mixes with dynamics, EQ, and graphic EQ controllable from any iLive surface via Ethernet. The iDR0 also features the new "iDR-64 Mix Engine Rack Extra" PCB. This offers DSP capability for the rack, revving up eight effects engines that can run system effects or be inserted into input and mix channels. Existing systems can also be upgraded to the iDR-64 PCB.

The iLive V1.2 software comes standard with the iDR0 unit. It provides new effects like delays, reverbs, an ADT Doubler, Flanger, and Chorus. It also includes a 4-band parametric EQ on FX retrns, the option to insert an FX channel as an external device, and a patchbay extension.

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