Alesis Vocal Zapper Performance Tools

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Alesis Vocal Zapper Performance Tools
The Alesis Vocal Zapper gives you the microphone and lets you sing to your favorite music! Ideal for practice at home, learning in the studio or just for karaoke fun, the Vocal Zapper is the vocalist's best friend!

Alesis Vocal Zapper at a Glance:

* Removes vocals from any stereo source * 16 vocal settings for optimal voice removal * High quality sound from an ultra-affordable unit!

Zap almost any vocal! the Alesis Vocal Zapper is a stereo vocal remover in an ultra-compact 1/4-space rackmount chassis. With its ability to remove vocals from a CD or stereo music source, the Vocal Zapper works well in any vocal performance, music education, or karaoke application. Regardless of whether the vocals are coming from the center, left or right channel, the Vocal Zapper can track them down and cut them out.

Special algorithms for any vocal range 16 Alesis-designed algorithms allow the Vocal Zapper to remove different types of vocals in many different types of mixes. Settings include:

* Standard * Girl * Low Alto * High Alto * Soprano * Female Left * Female Right * Stereo Female * Boy * Bass * Baritone * Tenor * Male Left * Male Right * Stereo Male

No vocals, but no sacrifice in sound quality There's no compromise in sound quality when you use the Vocal Zapper. Alesis equipped this tool with 24-bit/48kHz sampling to ensure the finest audio resolution. Connect a CD or MP3 player, a cassette tape machine, or other audio source via the convenient 1/4" inputs and send a monitor signal out the Vocal Zapper's two 1/4" outputs.

Once you've tried the Vocal Zapper you won't be satisfied with any other voice elimination unit or program. This baby gives you more bang for the buck!

Alesis Vocal Zapper Features:

* Ultra-affordable vocal remover * Removes vocals from any stereo source * 16 vocal settings for optimal removal * Stereo 24-bit inputs and outputs * 28-bit internal processing, 48kHz sample rate * Convenient "Mix" control lets you adjust your volume to the source

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