Alesis USB Recording Kit

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Alesis USB Recording Kit
With the Alesis USB Recording Kit, your Mac or PC with two USB ports and a pair of mic cables are all you need to get started recording today. It has two AM2 microphones, an iO|2 digital-audio interface, and a pair of M1Active 320USB monitors. Connect the kit's AM2 condenser microphones to the iO|2 digital-audio interface, and you can record high-quality audio into your computer using the included Steinberg Cubase LE 4 software. Monitor your sessions and playback with the accurate, clean output of M1Active 320USB monitors. No extra sound cards, no special connectors or adapters, and no software drivers are needed.

iO|2 USB interface The Alesis iO|2 USB audio/MIDI interface boasts a heavy-duty, bead-blasted aluminum housing and 24-bit/48kHz conversion quality. It's rugged and portable with switches and knobs securely attached. It has 2 channels with XLR and 1/4" inputs, dual preamps with 48V phantom power, input meter, 1/4" TRS inserts, MIDI I/O, S/PDIF I/O, headphone jack, 1/4" balanced outputs, and USB port.

USB power means no looking for an outlet. The io|2 uses ultralow latency ASIO 2.0 drivers and comes with Cubase LE software. It's perfect for computer-based project studios, laptop-based portable recording setups, and electronic musicians.

Alesis M1Active 320 USB Studio Monitor Pair Alesis M1Active 320 powered monitors make a lot of sense on your studio desktop and for field recording and other traveling audio engineers. The Alesis monitors connect via USB to your laptop or computer for plug-and-play listening. These compact speakers are equipped with I/O for connecting a keyboard, mic preamp, guitar effects, mixer, and other audio components for easy computer recording.

M1Active 320 monitors deliver 16-bit/44.1-48kHz audio quality through a USB 1.1 port-without the need for special drivers. A Bass Boost switch increases the low-end for monitoring in big spaces. Besides the USB cable, the I/O includes quality 1/4" plugs and standard RCA jacks, a TRS headphone output, two unbalanced 1/4" phone jacks inputs, a stereo 1/8" mini-jack input, and stereo RCA inputs. Another nice benefit is that each speaker is magnetically shielded, so you won't have to worry about placing them near TVs or computers.

AM2 Stereo Microphone Set These low profile, miniature cardioid condensers with switchable pad and high-pass filter capture the nuance and subtlety that separate good recordings from great ones.

Steinberg Cubase LE 4 Cubase LE 4 represents the cutting edge in digital audio workstations. Designed for professionals from the ground up, Cubase LE converges extraordinary sound quality, intuitive handlin,g and a vast range of highly advanced audio and MIDI tools for composition, recording, editing, and mixing.

Alesis USB Recording Kit Specifications:

* i0|2 * 7"W x 5"H x 8"D * 4 lbs.

Alesis M1Active 320 USB Studio Monitor Pair * Woofer: 3" lightweight, magnetically-shielded * Tweeter: 1" silk dome * Frequency Response: 80Hz-20kHz * Power: 10W per channel RMS * Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 88dB weighted * Digital Conversion: 16-bit delta sigma, 44.1kHz or 48kHz sampling rate * Dimensions: 14.5"W x 8.7"H x 10.6"D * Weight: 9.5 lb.

Alesis USB Recording Kit Features:

* Recording-studio system: AM2 Stereo Set, iO|2, M1Active 320USB, Steinberg Cubase LE 4 * Matched pair of AM2 cardioid-condenser microphones capture excellent detail * Interface has two XLR-1/4" inputs with TRS inserts for comprehensive connectivity * Compact, portable studio monitors provide professional-sound quality * High-quality 24-bit/48kHz analog-to-digital conversion * Headphone outputs on iO|2 and M1Active 320USB * Easy-to-learn, powerful recording software

i0|2 * USB audio interface * 2 channels * 24-bit/48kHz A/D/A conversion * 2 XLR mic inputs with 48V phantom power * 2 - 1/4" balanced line inputs * 1/4" balanced main outputs * 1/4" TRS inserts * Headphone jack * 4 segment signal/clip LED meters * Ultra low-latency ASIO 2.0 drivers * S/PDIF I/O * MIDI I/O * USB powered * Low power usage * Bundled with Steinberg Cubase LE

Alesis M1Active 320 USB Studio Monitor Pair * USB 1.1 audio interface * 16-Bit/44.1-48 kHz recording and playback * Pro-grade 1/4" plugs and standard RCA jacks * TRS Headphone output * Two unbalanced 1/4" phone jacks inputs * Stereo 1/8" TRS mini-jack input * Stereo RCA inputs * 1/8" TS output to passive speaker (cable included) * Switchable power supply * Magnetically shielded for placement near TV and computer monitors

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