Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit Electronic Drum Set

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Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit Electronic Drum Set
The Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit is a versatile and playable electronic drumkit controller at an incredibly affordable price! With real drum heads that deliver an impressively natural feel, the Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit gives you USB plug and play ability via the Trigger|iO module: You can simply hook one USB cord into your computer and instantly send your drum performances into your favorite digital audio workstation for building onto, tweaking, and editing. It even comes with BFD Lite drum software, offering a whole host of pro-quality acoustic and electronic drum sounds for you to experiment with! If you want impressive control over your drum software, start jamming with the Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit!

Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit at a Glance:

* Natural feeling drum heads for acoustic-like expression * Easily integrates with your DAW

Natural feeling drum heads If you're an acoustic player looking to make the transition over to electronic drums, it's important to get a kit that feels and reacts the same way you're used to playing. The Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit features real drum heads, giving you that acoustic feeling - just with all the benefits of being a MIDI controller. The snare and tom pads have dual zone triggers that give you added expression, and the cymbals are specifically designed to deliver true-cymbal feel. A comfortable hi-hat controller pedal sends continuous controller messages for familiar hihat playability. Even the crash and ride cymbals have choke capabilities - the ride featuring expressive dual-zone triggering as well.

Easy DAW integration All you need is one USB cable and you're ready to start sending your performances into your DAW. The Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit even comes with BFD Lite software, giving you additional electronic and acoustic sounds to trigger and play with!

Alesis USB Pro Drum Kit Features

* Real drum heads for natural feel * Dual-zone triggering for added expression * Choke capability on the crash and ride * Hihat controller pedal that sends continous controller messages * 10 TRS trigger inputs for single or dual-zone trigger inputs * 20 programmable presets for storing and recalling setups * Includes BFD Lite Software - Mac/PC * Can be used in standalone, VST, AU, and DXi plug-in formats * Easy-to-use interface * USB 1.1 plug and play - Mac/PC * MIDI Out * Up/down footswitch for selecting kits remotely * Customizable trigger settings * Mounting holes for optional drum stand mount

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