Alesis Surge 13" Crash Cymbal

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Alesis Surge 13" Crash Cymbal
Surge 13" Electronic Crash Cymbal.

Alesis Surge Cymbals feature a custom brass-alloy that gives them the true look and feel of real, acoustic cymbals.

Excellent for drummers accustomed to playing on acoustic kits, as well as beginning drummers who are confined by noise limitations at home or in their apartments

These Surge Cymbals deliver the crisp, accurate reponse you would expect from an acoustic cymbal.

Yet, coming with all the benefits of being electronic, including a special, clear dampening layer that covers the brass-alloy

You can practice with acoustic realism at any time of day with your Alesis Surge Cymbals!

This is the Surge 13" Crash Cymbal with Choke ability

Alesis Surge 13" Electronic Crash Cymbal Features:

* Surge 13" Electronic Crash Cymbal * Custom brass-alloy for acoustic look and feel * Clear dampening layer

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