Alesis SR18 High Definition Drum Machine

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Alesis SR18 High Definition Drum Machine
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The Alesis SR-18 is a modern version of the legendary SR-16 that was first introduced in 1990! Designed expressly to meet the demands of today's musicians, the SR-18 is packed with modern percussion sounds, including excellent electronic- and acoustic-styled drums, and hits! No matter the style you're after - from rock to hip-hop to country - the SR-18 has a large, 32 MB sound set that's got you covered! Onboard effects include reverb, EQ, and compression, letting you customize each sound to your satisfaction. With the ability to be powered by battery or by AC adaptor, the Alesis SR-18 is portable, and ready to groove!

Alesis SR-18 at a Glance:

* Large sound bank of sounds for any style * Battery power for maximum portability * Built-in Effects

Large sound bank The Alesis SR-18 includes a 32MB sound set with a versatile percussion bank. Whatever the playing style, the SR-18 has something for you!

Portable The SR-18 can be powered by battery, giving you the ability to create great drum patterns wherever you need to go. It can also be powered by an AC adaptor for extensive use.

Built-in effects An integrated effects engine includes reverb, EQ, and Compression. With 100 available user patterns, you can customize each sound to your liking and store them!

Alesis SR-18 Features:

* Large, 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth * Built-in effects including reverb, EQ, and compression * Can be powered by six AA batteries for easy portability * Can also be powered by an AC adaptor * Pattern Play Mode enables patterns to be triggered from the pads directly * Mute function for parts * 24 voice polyphony * Backlit LCD * MIDI in and out * TRS 1/4" aux output * Drum roll function * Headphone output * Instrument input * 175 preset patterns * 100 user patterns * Tempo/value dial * Footwitch control for start/stop and count/A-B frill

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