Alesis MultiPort Direct Desktop Recorder

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Alesis MultiPort Direct Desktop Recorder
Record to your iPod with the Alesis MultiPort! Bringing a new level of iPod recording directly to your desktop, the MultiPort includes industrial-grade, 2-channel balanced inputs - with phantom power so you can use your favorite condenser microphone easily. 1/4" stereo outputs are onboard as well as a headphone output for convenient headphone monitoring. The MultiPort offers an onboard iPod dock, and controls that give you complete, easy access to your iPod - you can even play back from your iPod at the same time you're recording! No matter what you're recording - from a meeting, to a band practice - when you're finished, you can dismount your iPod and listen to your recording anywhere! At an impressively affordable price, the Alesis MultiPort is impossible to pass up!

Alesis MultiPort at a Glance:

* Convenient, direct-to-iPod Recording * Can record to your computer as well

Convenient iPod recording The Alesis MultiPort can record directly to your iPod, making it an incredibly convenient recording solution. No matter what you're recording, you walk away with a track you can listen to anywhere!

Computer audio interface While you can record to your iPod, you can record to your computer as well! The Alesis MultiPort connects to your computer via one USB port and sends audio straight into your favorite DAW - just like many other USB interfaces - yet it offers the convenience of iPod recording as well.

Alesis MultiPort Features:

* Record directly to iPod Classic, 5th gen. (video), and 2nd or 3rd gen iPod nano * Record directly to your computer via USB * Playback from iPod while recording at the same time * 2-channel mic/line inputs for easy, clear recording * Level meters and headphone output for convenient monitoring * Two 1/4" stereo outputs

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