Alesis MultiMix 8 USB 8-Channel Mixer w/USB Digital Audio Interface

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Alesis MultiMix 8 USB 8-Channel Mixer w/USB Digital Audio Interface
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MultiMix USB mixers are the most compact, affordable, high-quality mixers with built-in 28-bit digital effects and digital stereo inputs and outputs.

The Alesis MultiMix USB Mixers are a new line of compact mixers featuring low noise analog electronics and 100 great-sounding 28-bit digital effects. Studio-quality components and effects processing combine with rock-solid construction. The MultiMix mixers also have USB audio, which allows direct computer audio interfacing for 16-bit simultaneous stereo input and output using standard recording software.

MultiMix mixers are perfect for musicians and engineers needing a portable, flexible mixer with digital effects for sound reinforcement, rehearsals, studio recording, submixing, field recording, and digital audio/video computer workstation mixing.

All Alesis MultiMix USB Mixers come bundled with Steinberg's powerful Cubase LE Multitrack Recording Software! Cubase LE is the new music production software based on award-winning Cubase SX and SL technology featuring 48 audio tracks with full 24 bit, 96kHz operation, 64 MIDI tracks, VST plug-ins and full VSTi support. Cubase LE combines powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects. Cubase LE and all included plug-ins are compatible with both Mac and PC systems. Also, Cubase LE sessions are completely upward compatible with both Cubase SX and Nuendo. So if you choose to upgrade down the road to Cubase SX or Nuendo, you can seamlessly upgrade all of your existing sessions when you upgrade your software. Cubase LE is the perfect entry into professional recording software giving you the ability to produce professional level recordings right-away, and giving you a system that you can expand into the future!

Alesis MultiMix 8USB Features:

* 100 28-bit onboard preset effects including reverbs, delays, chorus, flanging, pitch and multi-effects * 3-band EQ per channel with high/low shelving and mid band pass/reject * Separate 1/4" balanced main and monitor outs, headphone out * Integrated USB Port to transfer audio directly between the MultiMix USB mixer and your computer * 16-bit stereo simultaneous inputs and outputs over USB * No drivers required * Plug and play operation under Windows and Mac OS

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