Alesis MidiVerb 4 Programmable Digital Multi-Effects Processor

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Alesis MidiVerb 4 Programmable Digital Multi-Effects Processor
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The incredible MidiVerb 4 from Alesis for professional studios and musicians who need great sounding, fully-programmable and flexible effects for both stage and studio. You get surprisingly dense, natural reverberation, rich chorus and flange, delay and pitch effects. The MidiVerb 4 offers 18-bit A/D and D/A converters and 20-bit internal processing for a 20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth and 90 dB dynamic range, making it ideal for digital recording. Plus, its valuable Auto Level Sensing feature can instantly set the optimum input levels for you, saving time and frustration. Programming is a snap with the large backlit LCD screen and easy to use front panel controls. The MidiVerb 4 gives you complete control over every aspect of your sound using MIDI controllers and a programmable footswitch. Not only can you change programs via MIDI, but you can change parameters using MIDI controllers too!


* True dual-channel 18 bit signal processor * Stereo, dual mono, or cascaded operation * Auto Level Sensing for optimum input gain control, insures the best possible bandwidth, frequency response, and signal to noise ratio * 18 bit 128-times oversampling A/D and 18 bit 8x oversampling D/A converters, 20 bit internal, 20 bit DSP engine * Custom backlit LCD display for easier programming than any other instrument in its class--four parameters may be displayed simultaneously, with a front-panel value encoder for editing * 128 factory presets, 128 user-editable programs * Reverb, delay, chorus, flange, pitch shifting, Lezlie, auto pan, and special effects * Several multieffect chains are available (delay>reverb, pitch>reverb, pitch>delay>reverb, etc.) * 1.3 seconds total delay time available * Completely programmable * Completely MIDIable for realtime control of parameters * MIDI mapping so that you can access any of its 256 preset locations with any of the 128 MIDI program change numbers * MIDI IN and OUT jacks with soft thru function * 1/4" unbalanced ins and outs

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