Alesis iMultiMix 9R 9-Channel Rack Mount Mixer & Recorder For iPod

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Alesis iMultiMix 9R 9-Channel Rack Mount Mixer & Recorder For iPod
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The Alesis iMultiMix 9R gives you a rackmountable, premium-quality solution for direct playback from the iPod. In addition to turning your iPod into a full-on multimedia tool via audio and video outputs, the iMultiMix 9R gives you five mic/line inputs with inserts to process incoming channels or assign to iPod playback. This handy unit also gives you a 2-band-per-channel EQ for easy tone-shaping, and smooth faders make level adjustments a snap on the Alesis iMultiMix 9R.

Alesis iMultiMix 9R at a Glance:

* Rackmountable for use in any venue * Five inputs, sturdy design * Make your iPod a multimedia performer * 60mm faders

Rackmountable for use in any venue The Alesis iMultiMix 9R lets you bring your iPod audio into studios and live venues where rack-based audio gear is common. Facilities ranging from gymnasiums to recording studios to full-sized stadiums can benefit from the iMultimix's great sound and mixing options to get audio from the iPod into recording programs or through the speakers. The iMultiMix 9R is the first of its kind to provide mixing, iPod integration, and video output.

Five inputs, sturdy design This sturdy, compact, all-in-one rack-mounted mixer integrated iPod player features five mic/line inputs with inserts to allow for easy external processing of incoming channels, or iPod audio playback.

Make your iPod a multimedia performer The iMultiMix 9R also features 2-band-per-channel EQ, Mic/line inputs and iPod playback in a single, intuitive package. The iMultiMix 9R can playback music from the iPod and mix your live performances instantly with iPod 5th generation (video) and iPod 2nd generation (aluminmum). This makes the iMultiMix 9R perfect for using the iPod as a backing track for solo or band performances, while mixing sound sources all in one compact, convenient place. Plus, 5G iPods and 2G iPod Nanos can output video through the iMultiMix 9R, making this rackmountable mixer the centerpiece of your multimedia rig.

60mm faders The added resolution of its 60mm faders insures clear indication of audio level every time. For ultra-clean mixing of any performance, including home studios, musicians, small or large venues, and houses of worship, the iMultiMix 9R is an ideal solution.

Alesis iMultiMix 9R Features:

* iPod dock integration * Compatible for recording to Video iPods (5th Generation), iPod Classic (6th Generation), iPod Nano (2 and 3 generation) * Can play back audio from 3rd and 4th iPods * Capable of outputting video from 5G iPods and 2G iPod Nanos * Five high-gain mic preamps * Two stereo line inputs (one switchable from an external source or the installed iPod) * Video output * 48V phantom power * Aux sends and returns * 2-band-per-channel EQ with high/low shelving and band pass/reject

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